Warranty for Arroll manufactured goods

Radiator casting is guaranteed for a period of 10 years from the date of the purchaser’s invoice to be free from any manufacturing defects. Other Arroll manufactured parts and components other than cast iron sections like Arroll valves, air vents, radiator components and accessories have a 5–year warranty from the date of the purchase’s invoice.

Arroll will replace any goods or parts found faulty due to manufacturing or workmanship free of charge within the warranty period relevant to the Arroll goods, subject strictly to the following conditions:

• Proof of purchase is available.

• Any defect is not due to normal wear and tear, accident, misuse, improper operation or failure due to incorrect installation and servicing.

• Any work carried out on the finish or resizing by a company other than Arroll will void the warranty.

• All returned goods may be subject to quality, operation, and/or performance tests by Arroll’s testing facility or by a third party authorised by Arroll. This is todetermine the type of fault and to identify possible causes

• Powder coating primed radiators by the purchaser or their agents invalidates any warranty as Arroll has no control over how the radiators have been shotblasted or heat treated.

• Returned products are not considered faulty if returns are made for incompatibility or if the customer has decided that the goods originally ordered andinvoiced are no longer what they want to purchase. Cast iron radiators and baths are bespoke custom–made goods manufactured to retail customers and enduser’s specifications.

• Arroll reserves the right to replace defective parts or to issue a refund if Arroll sees more fit.

• All refunds after two weeks from the time item is received will be of the original value or the current market price, whichever is less.

• There will be no refund for shipping under any circumstances.

• Arroll reserves the right to change only the defective section of a sectional radiator rather than the whole radiator.

• Arroll Limited can at its own sole discretion accept the return of non–faulty goods so long as the goods are returned in a re–sellable condition.

• If the items are valves or radiator accessories, they must be returned in their original, unopened packaging. A full refund will be given upon receipt of the goods back at the warehouse. Arroll will not issue refunds for postage or transport costs of goods returned to us unless they are established to be faulty or defective.The cost of painting or finishing of radiators will be deducted from the refund amount unless the radiators are established as defective or faulty.

• Consequential loss – Arroll is not liable for any consequential loss or damages caused directly or indirectly by any defect or failure in the goods.

• The benefit of this warranty is given to the first trade and retail purchaser of the goods and is not assignable. For any goods that are not fully manufactured by Arroll the warranty only covers work carried out by Arroll solely and there is no warranty on work carried out by companies other than Arroll. For example, in the case of off the shelf orders where we only sell radiator sections Arroll is only responsible for the casting in the sections and not seals, etc that will be added on later.


What this warranty does not cover

This warranty does not cover: installation or service of product; conditions resulting from consumer mishandling such as improper maintenance or misuse, abuse, accident, oralteration; all other exposed parts that are scratched or damaged due to normal use; products used and reassembled. Faulty goods shall not form the subject of any claim forlabor costs or other expenditures incurred by the buyer and we shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising out of any such fault.In accordance with Building Regulations and BS7593:1992 code of practice for the treatment of hot water and central heating systems, we strongly recommend flushing the heating system post installation of new radiators and then adding the correct quantity and type of corrosion inhibitor for use with your radiator and system to prevent corrosion. The inhibitor used should consider the metals within a system. All power flushing to be in accordance with BS 5449:1990, BS 12828:2003 and BS7593. For more information on the use of inhibitors please find a copy of the DWTA Code of Practice for Chemical Cleaning and Inhibiting of Domestic Hot Water Central Heating Systems on our website www.arroll.co.uk.

Damage caused to systems not protected by a suitable inhibitor will not be covered by Arroll manufacturer’s warranty and render any warranty on Arroll cast iron products void.

It is our policy to uphold the warranty subject to the products being installed in accordance with BS 7593 and Arroll products being installed by a suitably qualified heating engineer.

Arroll strongly discourages the use of a water softener on the heating system as this treatment can cause problems with the seals.

For clarity and avoidance of any doubt failure to observe all the requirements listed above will render the warranty on the products void.

The warranty does not cover any faults or damages which occurred due to force majeure, meaning any future phenomena which are impossible to predict and prevent, such as weather circumstances, electric installation disturbances, wars, natural disasters. In addition consequential damage, including plumbing costs are expressly excluded.

The warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser stated in the sales order and the warranty cannot be passed on.


Warranty & Returns Policy Limits and exclusions

There are no expressed or implied warranties except as listed above. Arroll shall not be liable for special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, including, without limitation, direct or indirect damages for personal injury, loss of goodwill, profits or revenue, loss of use from this product or any associated equipment, cost of substitute equipment, downtime cost, loss of data, programs or business information, or any other losses, or claims of any party dealing with buyers from such damages, resulting fromthe use of or inability to use this product or arising from breach of warranty or contract, negligence, or any other legal theory. All expressed and implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the applicable warranty period set forth above. Arroll return policy for business/retail customers

Acceptance of goods and return of goods that are claimed to be faulty

• You shall be deemed to have accepted the goods 24 hours after delivery or if you collect goods at our Arroll premises you will be deemed to have accepted goods at the time of collection.

• You should carry out a thorough inspection of the goods within 24 hours of delivery and should inform us immediately of any defects or missing parts that a reasonable examination would have revealed. Written notification to us should be received within 3 working days of delivery of the goods.

• Where you have accepted, or it has been deemed you have accepted the goods, you will not be entitled to reject goods that are not in accordance with the contract.

• An exception to the above acceptance timelines is made for pallet deliveries to the retail customer or to the end user, as a 10 to 15–minute window is scheduled into the delivery for you to inspect the goods on delivery.

• For palletised goods delivered by a pallet haulier, no claim for damage in transit or shortages can be accepted if signed for “received in good condition”,“unchecked”, “not examined” (or similar). Claims for damage in transit or shortages can only be considered if signed for as “damaged” or “short delivered” and we are notified in writing within 3 days after delivery. Also, that Arroll is given an opportunity to verify the shortages or damage.

Return of goods sold to retail customers under a claim of faulty goods

For retailer purchases where there is a claim of potentially faulty goods, Arroll would request that when goods are being returned that it is the retailer and not the end user that contacts Arroll directly on the matter. Any end users that contact Arroll Limited about return of faulty goods will be asked to make contact on the matter solely through the business/retailer that purchased the goods.

The business/retailer that purchased the goods should contact Arroll and email a copy of the Arroll Goods Return form in line with the agreed Arroll returns procedure.

This form should be returned with any digital photographic evidence of the fault to returns@arroll.co.uk.

After an initial assessment, if applicable Arroll will organise with the retailer to return any goods that are likely to be faulty (along with a copy of the Goods Return form).

Retailers that collect goods directly from Arroll would be expected to deliver any faulty goods back to Arroll.

Once received the returned goods will be tested within 10 working days. After which a final decision will be made by Arroll as to whether the goods are faulty and if the fault is due to manufacturing. Test reports can be made available to the retailer.

Before any work is undertaken to repair, return or replace the faulty goods; Arroll will need confirmation and agreement from the retail customer that they agree to the actions that need to be undertaken to repair and or return the returned goods based upon Arroll’s test report. Once agreed, repairs can take up to 3 weeks to be repaired and returned.

If Arroll’s goods are found to be faulty then Arroll will instruct its own service provider to reinstall the goods or request a quote from a local plumber. Arroll will only cover reasonable plumbing cost at the end users address. Final costs must be agreed by Arroll before any work commences. Arroll requires a professional quote/invoice for all agreed work and this will normally be capped at £200 in total or at an agreed hourly rate not to exceed £25/hr

Arroll will seek advice from its service supplier of what would be classed as a reasonable amount of time to reinstall the product and this will determine the agreed installation costs. Any cost involved in removing the goods will also be determined in the same way as above.

As a responsible manufacturer, Arroll will consider any genuine costs incurred as a direct result of the faulty goods. Arroll will normally send the repaired or replacement radiator to the original order address which could be the end user address or in some cases the business/retailer address. Again, for any business/retailer that normally collects goods at Arroll will also be expected that they will collect the repaired or replacement radiator.

A claim by any business/retailer of defective or faulty goods which is in progress does not constitute the basis for suspension of payment for delivered goods by that business/retailer within normal agreed payment terms.

Return of non–faulty goods due to incompatibility or change in customers desire for the good Arroll Limited provided a manufacturing warranty and with sales solely to business customers is only required to accept the return of faulty goods which it can then repair and return or in some certain instances refund the costs of these goods which are found to be faulty due to manufacturing.

However, in some limited cases Arroll Limited at its sole discretion may accept the return of non–faulty goods that are due to incompatibility or change in the customer’s desire for the good.In this case the retailer will receive a refund for the full value of the goods returned to the Arroll premises less any costs. These costs can include the costs of building,painting, finishing, collection and delivering radiators as well as a restock charge which will be deducted from the refund amount unless the radiators are established as defective or faulty. Arroll Ltd will accept the return of non–faulty goods so long as the goods are returned in a re–sellable condition. If the items are valves or radiator accessories, they must be returned in their original, unopened packaging.

There will be a restock charge for valves and radiator accessories of 20% of the original invoice value.

Arroll Limited will not issue refunds for postage or transport costs of goods returned to us unless they are established to be faulty or defective.Any refund payable to you will be made within 28 days of receipt by Arroll of the returned goods. The refund will be paid by the same method as your original payment unless an alternative method is requested by the customer and agreed by Arroll Limited

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