The Art Deco

Available in two heights the Art Deco cast iron radiator boasts exuberant detail of the roaring 1920s. A decade of indulgence in the new style of Jazz, dance, and popular fashion.

The Art Deco is sure to add a touch of 20s glamour in any space.

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  • Leg Section Height

    649 mm

  • Section Length

    85 mm

  • Middle Section Height

    602 mm

  • Section Depth

    145 mm

  • Bottom Inlet To Floor

    100 mm

  • Top Inlet To Floor

    600 mm

  • Pipe Centres To Skirt

    72.5 mm

Heat Output

  • Delta at 50˚C

    88 Watts / 300 BTUs

  • Delta at 60˚C

    111 Watts / 379 BTUs


  • Empty weight per leg section

    7.5 KG

  • Empty weight per middle section

    6.9 KG

  • Filled weight per leg section

    9.6 KG

  • Filled weight per middle section

    9.0 KG

  • Volume per leg section

    2.1 L

  • Volume per middle section

    2.1 L

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