The Parisian

The Parisian 2 Column Cast Iron radiators, similar in design to the Rococo , provides an unmistakable glamour with an eye–catching decorative scroll.

Our mould making artisans have painstakingly reproduced this 19th century French radiator using traditional sand–casting techniques used by craftsmen of that period.

The Parisian perfectly complements the Rococo 1 Column and the Rococo 3 Column cast iron radiators.

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  • Leg Section Height

    510 mm

  • Section Length

    80 mm

  • Middle Section Height

    446 mm

  • Section Depth

    210 mm

  • Bottom Inlet To Floor

    115 mm

  • Top Inlet To Floor

    465 mm

  • Pipe Centres To Skirt

    105 mm

Heat Output

  • Delta at 50˚C

    78 Watts / 266 BTUs

  • Delta at 60˚C

    98 Watts / 336 BTUs


  • Empty weight per leg section

    8.3 KG

  • Empty weight per middle section

    6.3 KG

  • Filled weight per leg section

    10.1 KG

  • Filled weight per middle section

    8.1 KG

  • Volume per leg section

    1.8 L

  • Volume per middle section

    1.8 L

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