The Art Nouveau

Styled in The Art Nouveau period of 1890–1910, the aptly named Art Nouveau cast iron radiator has an intricate scrolling pattern that adds a touch of grandeur to a classic radiator design. 

One of the slimmest cast iron radiators in our collection, it is perfect for smaller spaces such as hallways and box rooms. With the wide range of finishes that Arroll offer , it can be transformed to suit older houses such as Victorian , Edwardian and Georgian but also ideal for more modern homes.

 Arroll provide high–quality cast–iron radiators taken from an original design. Manufactured using traditional techniques and guaranteed for 10 years. All radiators can be provided fully assembled up to 1500mm. Due to the bespoke nature of our cast iron radiators we can build the radiator to your requirements, a radiator tool may be required to build the radiators onsite if over 1500mm long.

·         Pressure tested to 5 bar

·         Guaranteed for 10 years.

·         Integral feet

·         ½” 15mm BSP connections for main valves.

·         Wide range of finish options

·         All cast iron radiators supplied CE Certified to British Standards.

·         See below for all technical information

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  • Leg Section Height

    754 mm

  • Section Length

    72 mm

  • Middle Section Height

    682 mm

  • Section Depth

    145 mm

  • Bottom Inlet To Floor

    110 mm

  • Top Inlet To Floor

    710 mm

  • Pipe Centres To Skirt

    72.5 mm

Heat Output

  • Delta at 50˚C

    113 Watts / 385 BTUs

  • Delta at 60˚C

    144 Watts / 489 BTUs


  • Empty weight per leg section

    7.5 KG

  • Empty weight per middle section

    6.7 KG

  • Filled weight per leg section

    9.3 KG

  • Filled weight per middle section

    8.5 KG

  • Volume per leg section

    1.8 L

  • Volume per middle section

    1.8 L

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