Do traditional aluminium radiators suit my home?

People will often ask how a cast aluminium radiator from Arroll weighs up to the cast iron radiator alternative and our answer is always the same… that’s it, the same!

In this article we will answer some of the most likely questions to be asked by a customer purchasing an Arroll radiator and what our experts have to say.

Aluminium radiator in a home
Aluminium radiator in a home

Is there any difference between the aluminium and cast iron version?

Yes but only very slightly, the heat output is the same as the cast iron version, it has however a faster heating time due to the inside of the aluminium being steel it does heat up faster however it will cool down slightly quicker than the cast iron version due to the heat that can be retained by the cast iron.

How similar are they in their design?

Extremely similar as our cast aluminium version is modelled on the cast iron version like for like to not lose any of the beautiful aesthetics of the cast iron alternative.

Aluminium Edwardian 4 column radiator
Aluminium Edwardian 4 column radiator

Are the Arroll aluminium range suitable for low temperature heating systems and heat pumps?

Yes! Arroll’s cast aluminium radiator range is ideal for use with LTH and heat pumps which in recent years have started increasing in popularity making these radiators a terrific choice when planning your home refurbishment.

Do they come in any different colours?

Yes they do, the aluminium range can be painted in any factory RAL colour you can think of but they do come as standard in RAL7016 and RAL9016.

Are there any other size options?

No, there are 3 heights and 3 lengths available but your plumber will be able to advise you of what piping and placements you will need for your radiator.

I am planning to build an eco home, are the aluminium radiators eco friendly?

Yes they are Eco–friendly and made from 60% recyclable material meaning you will be able to rest knowing you have used an eco friendly option when choosing your radiators.

Aluminium Edwardain radiator in homes throughout the world
Aluminium Edwardain radiator in homes throughout the world

Where can I order a cast aluminium radiator?

You can purchase our cast aluminium radiators through all of our retail partners, click here to view your closest Arroll brand retailer

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