The Arroll brand

Arroll brand cover
Arroll brand cover

Why do so many people live by the Arroll brand?

Arroll is a name which is synonymous with cast iron radiators and rolltop bath’s and is recognised the world over for their master craftmanship, quality assured products and expertise in the field of traditional radiators and baths but just what makes people return to Arroll time and time again and what drives those same people to highly recommend Arroll.


Why choose Arroll cast iron radiators and baths?

Arroll isn’t just a manufacturing or trading name, it’s a brand with an image to match, we pride ourselves on delivering stunningly beautiful quality homeware each and every time our products leave our factory based right here in the UK. Before leaving our factory for their forever home, each cast iron radiator is inspected before being neatly and precisely packed for added protection and to ensure a safe and satisfactory delivery. Each bath is carefully assembled, hand painted and inspected before being packed to ensure a satisfactory bathing experience for each customer for years to come.


What do people say about our brand and products?

James – Fantastic products! Arroll really are the Rolls Royce of radiators. Authentic, well made, beautifully finished, and delivered quickly and on time. Bear in mind they are cast iron, very solid, so they weigh about the same as a Rolls!

Suzie – We love cast iron radiators and did a lot of research when we were looking to buy them. We found Arroll and love the idea they are based in Ireland plus their radiators are fabulous. When I approached them for advice on what paint to use they were extremely helpful and responded straight away to my query.

Anonymous – We now have two Arroll cast iron radiators in our home. Brilliant heat output and look so good, we always receive favourable comments about them from visitors. We would return to Arroll for future radiator purchases. The choice of colours and styles is fantastic! Adds an instant touch of style to any interior.

Mervyn – After discussions with Paul at Arroll we chose the new innovative cast aluminium radiators. These look amazing but the real positive is the heat produced. Highly recommend the team and products at Arroll. Made the whole experience a pleasure.

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