Aluminium vs Cast Iron

Column Radiators
Column Radiators

Recently we introduced the Aluminium Edwardian Radiator to our product range which is sympathetic to the design of the traditional Cast Iron 4 Column model but there are some key characteristic differences.


Our Aluminium Edwardian 4 Column 19 section 750h radiator weights approximately 47kg whilst its cast iron alternative (Edwardian 4 Column 760) weighs approximately 124kg –  NEARLY THREE TIMES THE WEIGHT.

This makes the Aluminium version ideal for installation where access is an issue , leading to reduced installation costs (time and labour) due to the lightweight nature. The Aluminium range is also suited to projects that are unable to provide reinforced flooring to suit the weight of the Cast Iron radiator.


The Aluminium radiator uses up to 60% less water than the Cast Iron alternative which helps to contribute to the Households Water Conservation Targets.


Our Aluminium range has its key advantages over the cast iron alternative however it is limited to one style for now. The 9 models come in two different colours (Anthracite and White) and are perfect for most projects.

Our Cast Iron range in contrast has over 22 different styles with 50 different models and can be made to suit your requirements. The vast range allows you to choose a height, length and colour scheme unique to you.

For more information on the options available please contact your local dealer.


The Aluminium 4 Column Edwardian radiator provides similar outputs to its cast iron alternative. The main key difference in these radiators are that Aluminium will take less time to heat up than Cast Iron but will lose heat quicker. Cast Iron provides heat even after the heating has been turned off.

This can make Cast Iron more suitable as it maintains heat longer , and it doesn’t put as much strain on your heating system components as steel and aluminium.

Low temperature heating systems

The Aluminium Edwardian 4 Column range is ideal for low temperature systems , quick to heat up and generally more cost effective to run depending on how you use your heating system. The range is also ideal for using electrical elements.

For more information contact the team or one of our retailers who will be happy to help you decide on the best solution for you.


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