Aluminum Range

Aluminium Edwardian
Aluminium Edwardian

Arroll is a name synonymous with cast iron radiators, providing heating solutions to 1000s of homes worldwide. However, after extensive research and development we have developed an Aluminium version of the popular Edwardian 4 Column combining traditional cast iron design with modern manufacturing techniques and materials.

Key Benefits of the range:


The Aluminium range is a minimum of 50% lighter than the cast iron alternative providing a sigh of relief for plumbers, heating engineers and M&E Contractors alike. The reduction in weight provides a more efficient and safer installation, a 2–man lift will easily lift your radiator into the desired position.
The universal end cap inserts allow for a variety of connection setups to be completed onsite. 

Cost Effective

The Aluminium range provides a cost–effective alternative to cast iron , providing a near identical design and look for a reduced cost.

Heat Output

The Aluminium Edwardian 4 Column range uses 60% less water but achieves the same heat output as its cast iron alternative –reducing heating costs


The Aluminium Edwardian 4 Column range is made from 100% recyclable material and as it uses 60% less water contributes to the Households water Conservation targets .

Low temperature heating systems

The Aluminium Edwardian 4 Column range is ideal for low temperature systems , quick to heat up and generally more cost effective to run depending on how you use your heating system. The range is also ideal for using electrical elements.


The age–old debate of aluminium vs cast iron for period properties has been solved by this innovation with the replication of design, allowing your radiator style to blend into your traditional home. With the choice of colours, Anthracite & White it will also be at home in more modern homes.

For those who do not like the pimpling of cast iron , the Aluminium’s sleek , smooth design provides a suitable alternative.

This model is the first introduction to Arroll’s Aluminium range and further designs will be added in the future; taking traditional cast iron design into the 21st Century.

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